Frequently Asked Questions
We are always on hand to help.We've put together the answer to questions we get asked the most,which should cover anything and everything you need to know the RouteNote.If you need any further help,please feel free to get touch with us on
General Questions
  • What is RouteNote?
    RouteNote is a solution, powering music distribution to a global market. Through RouteNote all music rights holders (large, medium, and small) can register their content and manage its distribution all in one place.
  • Why RouteNote?
    Our mission is to provide a simple solution for both ends of the music tree, so that more music can be provided to more people through more outlets. RouteNote allows artists/labels to be in control of their own destiny.
  • Is my relationship with RouteNote exclusive?

    No. Registering your songs with RouteNote does not inhibit your ability to get signed to a label. RouteNote will never prevent you from doing anything you want with your music.

    For YOUR sake, please note: If you sign two digital distribution deals with two companies that will both be sending the same album to iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Limewire, etc. - this will hurt you, because the retailer will usually remove the album completely until you decide which distributor has the exclusive right to be selling that album through them.

  • How much does RouteNote Cost?
    RouteNote has 2 options for artists:
    1. Free - Artists keeps 85% of the revenues. 
    2. Premium - $10 single, $20 EP, $30 album and $45 extended album. Then $9.99 annually. Artist keeps 100% of the revenues.
  • Can I Get Signed By A Record Label After I Have Signed Up To RouteNote?
    Yes. RouteNote doesnt tie up any of your rights. Thus, allowing you to sign with a record label after signing up to RouteNote.
  • What Percentage Of Sales Do We Receive?

    RouteNote currently offers artists 85% of all net revenues from the sales of their recordings from our retail partners. RouteNote is currently one of the world leaders in providing the highest possible revenues to artists.

  • Will RouteNote sign more retail partners in the future?
    Yes. RouteNote is here to help artists spread the word of their music to all four corners of the globe. Our forward looking partnership team are always on the look out for promising deals that will enhance our artists potential.
Artist / Label Distribution Questions
  • What Percentage Of Sales Do We Receive?
    If artists choose to use our Free option then the artist receives 85% of all net revenues from the sales of their recordings from our retail partners.
    If artists choose to use our Premium option then the artist receives 100% of all net revenues from the sales of their recordings from our retail partners.
    RouteNote are currently one of the world leaders in providing the highest possible revenues to artists.
  • When do I receive payment?

    Once the balance on your Earnings page has reached the minimum threshold amount (USD$50), then you will receive the amount owed 45 days after the end of the month that the amount was earned in. For Example if you are owed $100 earned from November then the amount will be received by you before the 15th of January.

  • Is there a minimum payout amount?
    Yes. Currently there is a minimum payout amount for artists of $50 US Dollars. Once this threshold is met then you are eligible for payment.
  • How can I receive payment?
    Currently RouteNote only has one option for artists to accept payments, Paypal. To edit this information you need to visit your payment profile in your Account Details section of your account.
  • How long does it take before my music will be visible on our retail partners sites?
    Firstly when we check everything is all OK with your release, it can take approximately 72 hours to be approved. After that it varies depending on which service you have selected. We will deliver your music with 24 hours of it being approved.
    Then, partners services will have their own checking process and normally work on anywhere between 1 day to 2 weeks.

    For example, Spotify require at least 5 days before earliest release date for new content and at least 2 days for takedowns and updates.

    Therefore the final distribution time can take between 3 and 4 weeks to guarantee placement on all stores.
    These time scales are very loose, we have be known to have releases up as little as 24 hours after upload to some services. The fewer problems at upload, the quicker the distribution. Though we always advise leaving as much time a possible before your release date!
  • Why am I not seeing my stats updated daily
    Statistics on RouteNote aren't updated daily or in real time, this is because our retail partners only send us their statistics on either a monthly or quarterly basis. Please remain patient and your stats are updated as soon as we receive them.
  • What currency do I get paid in?
    US Dollars. Currently all payments from RouteNote are paid in US Dollars. However, since we are paying artists via Paypal, it makes it very easy for artists to transfer that money into any currency.
  • How many tracks can I upload?
    Unlimited. Currently RouteNote doesn't have a limit for how many tracks you are able to upload. However, with relation to tracks artists upload they must have full authority or ownership to designate copyright.
  • What is an ISRC and how do they work?
    An ISRC is a code that gets embeded as data into your song, it works as virtual identification and is a bit like a bar code. Without an ISRC your song could be played for free in areas which would otherwise entitle you to royalties.
  • What is a UPC and how does it work?
    A UPC is very similar to an ISRC. Whereas an ISRC is a virtually embeded code, a UPC is a physical bar code used for the whole album/collection of songs. UPCs are found on anything for sale, in shops, supermarkets etc.
  • How do I get my ISRCs and UPCs?

    We are pleased to announce that as of 01 August 2009 will be able to provide all clients from all territories ISRCs and UPCs, saving up to $75 for some users!

    Just follow upload instructions for code issuing! 

  • Why can't I see my sales in "My Stats"
    Partners (such as iTunes) normally release their official sales 45 days after the close of every month. Once we receive these reports RouteNote then adds the sales statistics to your account. For example, if you sell a track in May then iTunes won't release their report until 15th July at the earliest. RouteNote input stats immediately once recevied.
  • What file formats should I prepare for uploading?

    We accept the following file formats for uploading:


    • 44100hz sample rate
    • 320kbps
    • FLAC
    • 44100hz sample rate

    Cover Art
    • 3000x3000 pixels exactly
    • .jpeg | .jpg

  • Does RouteNote Offer Physical CD Distribution?
    RouteNote is a digital distributor and doesnt offer physical CD distribution at present. Please check your Tools page inside your account to see what other services might be able to help.
  • Does RouteNote distribute audiobooks?
    RouteNote cannot deliver audiobooks content to iTunes or the other stores. An audiobook is a recording of a published text being read. is the company that has exclusive right to distribute audiobook content.
  • Can I Choose What Stores I Want to Distribute My Music To?
    Yes! You can select all, some or one store for distribution of your music.
  • How do I take down my music from stores?
    You can remove your content from any or all stores, at any time (at no charge). You can take down one release or multiple releases. All you need to do is email us with all relevant details of your release.
  • Can I Create a Label Account? Can I Distribute Music for Multiple Artists?
    If you want to distribute music from multiple artists in one account, you can definitely do that simply by creating an account at, just as you would if you were creating an account for one artist. When creating new releases you can state each individual artist on the releases. Sales reports will allow you to filter by Artist, UPC code, ISRC and more. A few things to consider: Each account only has one email address and password associated with it, so each artist would not be able to check their sales directly. We never recommend sharing password information with anyone.
  • How Do I Switch to RouteNote from Another Music Distributor?
    We're glad you're thinking of joining RouteNote! In order to switch to RouteNote from another distributor, you will need to contact your current distributor and request that they take your content down from stores, and then you can re-upload and distribute it again through your RouteNote account. Unfortunately there is no way to move content on the back-end so it remains live in stores while you switch distributors.
  • Will I Be Notified When My Music is Live in the Stores?
    Unfortunately stores and streaming services do not provide an automated notifications system for when your music goes live in the stores. However, if you set a release date when uploading your release then it will go live on that date. If you didn't set a release date then please keep checking stores to see when your music goes live. Normally, within 1-2 weeks.
  • How Do I Get a Verified Account on Spotify?
    If you’re an artist, getting verified is simple. Just follow these steps:

    1. Set up a Spotify profile

    You’ll need a normal Spotify profile to get started.

    2. Complete the Verification form

    Once you’ve setup the profile, please complete the Spotify Verification Request form.

    To help verify the profile, be ready with the following information:

    The Spotify profile username you would like linked to your artist discography page. The artist URI link (link to artist discography page). The preferred display name for the profile. A URL link to a 2048 x 2048 pixel JPEG profile image (no more 500kb, please). A link to a twitter account associated with the artist. Please note that twitter credentials are not stored in any way.

    3. Wait for Verification

    Verification can take up to a couple of weeks, but profiles are verified as quickly as possible.

  • Can I Upload More Music to a Release That Has Been Approved for Distribution?
    Once your release has been Approved for distribution or submitted for moderation, you cannot add any new tracks to that release.
  • What is the Difference Between a Single, an EP, Album and an Extended Album?
    Singles is 1 track. EP's are between 2 - 6 tracks. Albums are 7 - 18. Extended Albums are 19 tracks and over.
  • How to Set a Future Release Date for your Music in Stores?
    RouteNote allows artists to set a future release date. RouteNote requires a minimum of 4 weeks lead time for a future release date. When uploading your release you can set the future release date into the Album Details section.
  • Can I Distribute a Cover Song through RouteNote?
    Yes, you can. If you plan on distributing a cover song, you may need to first get permission (and possibly a license) from the original copyright holder to release your song digitally.

    Cover songs should NOT include the original performing artist in the track title or artist field.


    Wake Me Up (Originally Performed by Avicii) Wake Me Up (Cover of Avicii) Wake Me Up (Tribute to Avicii)


    Wake Me Up Wake Me Up (Acoustic Version)

    You will need to make sure when uploading that you use the original performing artist in the copyright C line.

    You can look into purchasing a mechanical license for a cover song in the US from The Harry Fox Agency.

  • Where Do I Find My UPC or ISRC in My RouteNote account?
    If you click on your Releases section and then edit your releases you can find your UPC and ISRC's for that specific release.
  • What steps do I need to take to distribute a cover song legally?
    In the US the song needs to licensed first through a service like Limewire, other territories that require a license are Pakistan, India, Canada and Mexico. UK rules for digital distribution dictate that the owners of both the P line (the artist / label) and the C line (the songwriter / publisher) are the same entity and permission can be granted automatically. Permission is implied as soon as the artist records their own song. In the case of cover songs, ie, the owners of both rights as different parties, a record label releasing recordings by an artist, or, an artist releasing a cover version), then the PRS/MCPS can grant a license, providing the cover qualifies as a 'faithful reproduction' of the track/song/composition.
  • Can I submit an Artist Image for my iTunes?
    Yes. We can do this on your behalf. Simply send an email with the Artist Image you want and state your request. However there are some restrictions that you should be aware of. 1. Artist images must be .jpg or .png files, square, at least 2400 x 2400 pixels on the shortest side, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI. 2. The photo must not: * Contain album cover art or the artist logo. * Contain any text, including artist names, roles, dates, instruments, or current and former bands. * Include any title treatment or borders. * Contain photo credit information. 3. Images must not be upscaled. 4. You must legally own the image. You can have an Artist Gallery as well. All the same restrictions apply except that it only has to be 2400 pixels on the shortest side.
  • Can I submit a Digital Booklet with my release?
    Yes you can. However there are some things you must bear in mind. Most importantly Digital Booklets can only be uploaded at the same time as the album and not afterwards. You may have noticed that Digital Booklets are not a standard part of the Routenote infrastructure. This means that when you upload your release that it is very important to coordinate with a member of the Routenote staff. So that we know to upload your release with your booklet which you will have to email to us separately. There are some restrictions that you should be aware of. Digital Booklets must: * Be in PDF format (.pdf) * 72 dpi minimum * Have Width 11 inches x height 8.264 inches * RGB colour formatted * Minimum 4 pages in length * Embed all fonts and images * All images full-bleed. No negative space surrounding the document It should go without saying that you should only include images that you legally own. Bear in mind that your Digital Booklet will be viewed horizontally.
  • Can I have an Artist Biography on iTunes?
    Yes. Via
  • Am I giving RouteNote any rights to my music?
    RouteNote only obtains the rights to distribute your music on your behalf. Artists always keep 100% ownership and rights.
  • How can I make money on my tracks by distributing them to streaming services?
    Streaming services pay every time someone listens to your music. This comes in either a fixed fee per stream or on a pro rata basis.
Business Development
  • If I would like to partner with RouteNote either to license the RouteNote catalogue or to apply to get my music licensed.
    Thank you for your RouteNote business inquiry. Please contact us via email and leave your contact information, and a brief overview.
Corporate Questions
  • Who founded the company?
    RouteNote was founded by Steven Finch and Rolf Munding.
  • Who owns RouteNote and are you listed on a stock exchange?
    RouteNote is owned by RouteNote Ltd and is therefore a limited company and is not listed on any stock exchange at the moment.
Media Inquiry
  • I'm a journalist and I want to talk to someone at RouteNote. Who can I contact?
    Thank you for your RouteNote media inquiry. We want to do our best to meet any pressing dealines you may have. Please contact us via email and leave your contact information, brief story overview and deadline. Again, thank you for your inquiry and we'll speak to you soon.
  • How Do I Sign Up for the Referral Program
    Every account is automatically signed up for the Referral program. The Referral program can be found by Logging into your account and then visiting the Referral link in the header bar.
  • What Percentage Do I Receive from Referrals
    It's very simple, all you need to do is provide your friends/peers/website traffic either your referral link or your referral code. When they sign-up using your referral information you automatically qualify for 2% of their earnings from all releases under our Free Model. But don't worry! This does not affect their earnings at all, the 2% you earn comes directly from our 15% cut. Everyone's a winner!
RouteNote Direct
  • How much does RouteNote Direct cost?
    RouteNote Direct is completely free to use and artists keep 85% of all royalties from sales of their music. Users can add as many releases to their RouteNote Direct store as they wish.
  • Can I continue to sell my music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and so on?
    Of course! We compete by making RouteNote Direct the place you want to send your fans, not by making it the place you have to send them.
  • When do I receive my royalties from RouteNote Direct Downloads?
    RouteNote Direct Download royalties are sent to your registered paypal account automatically in real time. Artists dont have to wait until the end of the month and receive their Direct royalties at the same time as their iTunes sales. 
  • Can I customize my own RouteNote Direct store
    Of course! When you login to your account you will head to the RouteNote Direct page and at the top of that page there is a link to > Customize Your Store
  • Can I add my old content already on RouteNote to RouteNote Direct?
    Yes.. of course! Go to > My Content > select release and edit ... then add RouteNote Direct as a store partner
  • Can I upload my music to RouteNote and only use RouteNote Direct
    Of course! All you need to do is signup for an account and then when you upload your music, just select RouteNote Direct as the only partner you want to distribute to!
  • Are there stats for the audio that has been played on my RouteNote Direct store?

    Yes. If you login to your account and then head to your My Stats section you will see an option in the sidebar called > RouteNote Direct Play Stats

    This provides play stats for the past 30 days and all time for all of your releases that are live on RouteNote Direct 

  • How can I get a refund for the music I purchased
    All you need to do is drop us an email with your Paypal transaction ID and more details on the release you purchased. 
Site Errors
  • How do I report an error?
    If an error occurs please contact us via email describing what error has occurred and what you were doing when you received the error.
  • How Do I Join the RouteNote Soundcloud Network
    All RouteNote Artists are able to join the Soundcloud Network. Artists simply need to login to their account and head to the Soundcloud Management page found in the header bar.
  • How Do I Monetize My Music on Soundcloud
    1. Add your Soundcloud channel to our network via the Soundcloud Management page.
    2. Add new releases for distribution or edit your back catalogue and tick Soundcloud in the manage stores section
    3. Go back to the Soundcloud management page and add your Soundcloud Track URLs to the Uncleared tracks
    4. Once the track is Cleared our team will send that track to Soundcloud for monetization
  • What Percentage of Soundcloud Royalties Do I Receive if I Join the Soundcloud Network
    Artists receive the standard 85% of Soundcloud royalties if they select the RouteNote Free model. If an artist selects RouteNote Premium for their release they will receive 100% of the royalties.
  • What is a Soundcloud Track URL and Where Can I Find It
    Soundcloud Track URLs are provided everytime you upload a new track to Soundcloud. Soundcloud Track URLs can be found if you go to your Soundcloud account and then click on a specific track. Soundcloud Track URLs are normally formatted -
  • How Long Does it Take for My Channel to be Accepted into the RouteNote Soundcloud Network
    Channels are moderated and added to the RouteNote Soundcloud Network within 24-48 hours.
  • Can I Add More Than One Soundcloud Channel to a RouteNote Account
    Yes. You can add as many Soundcloud Channels as you wish to your RouteNote account.
  • Can I Add Any Channel to the RouteNote Soundcloud Network?
    You need to be the channel owner to add the channel to our Soundcloud Network.
  • When Will I Receive My Earnings, Royalties and Sales Reports from Soundcloud?
    Earnings, Royalties and Sales Reports are added on standard RouteNote terms, which is 45 days after the close of each month.
  • How Do I Know if my Track is Being Monetized on Soundcloud
    If you have already cleared your tracks for monetization in Soundcloud then you can simply login to your account and go to your Tracks page. There you will be able to see a Blue Dollar sign next to all the tracks that are currently being monetized.
  • I don't have the relevant Mechanical licenses. Can I still distribute covers?
    You will be able to distribute your music to all stores and territories with the following exceptions; United States (the), Canada, Mexico, India and Pakistan.
  • I don't have a record label; what should I put in the album details?
    In this case using your name or artist name is perfectly acceptable.
  • I don't know what to put in the 'C line'.
    If this is your own original composition, please just put your name or artist name in the box. If this is a cover, please type all relevant names of the songs' copyright holders.
  • Why have you asked me to verify via Facebook or Google+?
    An artist/producer involved in the release is what we would consider to be 'high-profile'. This can be down to the amount of Soundcloud followers, facebook/twitter followers and or YouTube views the artist has. As soon as we receive the response from the relevant source we will happily continue with moderation.
  • We need to ensure that you can legally distribute this track for commercial purposes. We check this to help protect you from potential claims from the original creator in the future.
  • Why have you asked me to send receipts for my purchased samples/loops/hooks?
    We need to verify that the sounds have been purchased in order to establish if you can use these sounds for commercial use.
  • I have made the changes that were required but my release is still 'pending moderation'. Why?
    This is probably because you are yet to resubmit for moderation. Once you have made the requested changes, please leave us a message in the comments box explaining what you have actioned and (most importantly) click 'resubmit for moderation'.
  • Where to find images available for commercial use (album artworks).
    There are many image banks via which you can find copyright free images for use as your cover art on RouteNote. We find Flickr to be one of the best places to find these images. To find a suitable image, firstly go to In the top right you will find a search bar, search the topic of your choice and search. When the page refreshed with the images available, you will see a drop down selection which says 'License'. Click this and choose 'Commercial use allowed', this will then give you a list of images which are available for you to download and use as your cover-art for your release. You MUST make sure that these images are commercial free to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Can the metadata for my release be in more than one language?
    Yes it can. However when initially uploading your release you should put all your meta-data in one language. It is then recommended that you contact a member of RouteNote with the alternate Meta-data via email and we will then update your release on your behalf.
  • Can I add or remove one of the tracks from my release once it has been finalised
    I'm afraid you may not. The only way to achieve that effect would be to permanently remove that entire release from all the stores and upload an amended version of the release with a new UPC.
  • What are the official "standard" names of classical composers?
    Full names of composers, including middle names and correct spelling ie George Frideric Handel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • According to iTunes standards, does the original composer always have to be listed, even if the piece of music isn't in the public domain?
    Yes, full composer names must appear in the "composer" field. Single names like "Mozart" or "Bach" will be disapproved by iTunes.
  • How are classical tracks formatted differently from other material?
    iTunes insist on full and comprehensive details regarding the title of the song, catalogue number, spelling and syntax. iTunes are also very sensitive about titles having the correct casing. Some example of the correct casing and syntax can be found below. These examples have been taken from iTunes's style guide: French Suite No. 5 in G Major, BWV 816: Allemande Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 73: Feierlich. Misterioso Note that there are spaces inserted before numbers; "Major" has been included in the key information with the M capitalised. A comma is present before the catalogue number; the major work title is followed by a colon, and then the movement title.
  • What stores will post my music if I select Kanjian?
    As well as their own storefront Kanjian also provide to:
    • QQ Music
    • Kugou
    • Kuwo
    • Baidu Music
    • Xiami Music
    • Netease Cloud Music
    • China Telecom
    • China Mobile
    • Discjam
    • Yiqixiu
    • Xiaomi Music
    • Wasu
    • Jeoutai
    • Walkgame
    • KKBOX
    • Omusic
    • myMusic
    • hmv PLAY
  • What stores will post my music if I select 7Digital?
    As well as their own storefront 7Digital also provide to:
    • Artistxite
    • BQ
    • eMusic
    • Forest Incentives
    • FreeCarmen / Trebel Music
    • FUHU Nabi 2
    • Global Radio
    • Grandpad
    • Hitparade
    • Hitster
    • La Musica - SBS
    • La Poste Mobile
    • NEC
    • Onkyo Music
    • openLIVE
    • Playster
    • Prizm
    • Technics Tracks
    • Tonlist
    • Triplay/MyMusicCloud
Your Account
  • How do I delete my account?
    Please contact us via email and we will delete your account on your behalf.
  • How Do I Create a New Release (album, EP, single) in My RouteNote Account?
    Once you’ve created your account you can start to Create New Releases. All you need to do to start is click on the Create New Release in the Headerbar within your account.
  • If you believe someone wrongfully distributed music through RouteNote and you are the copyright holder (or are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder), please follow the steps below to submit a DMCA Notification of Claimed Infringement.

    Please contact us via email, providing as much information as possible. A RouteNote Copyright Agent will respond to your notification within 2-3 business days.

  • Can I Move a Release from one RouteNote account to another RouteNote account?
    At this time, we cannot move releases from one RouteNote account to another.
  • How Do I Reset My RouteNote Password?
    Due to security reasons we ask account holders to contact us if they need to reset their passwords. Please contact us via email to do so.
  • At this time we do not have a way to provide store links for YouTube videos. This system is run automatically within the YouTube system and matches via ISRC. If you have your music in music stores and also in the YouTube Content ID with the same ISRC then there is a good chance it will show, but not guaranteed.
  • What Does it Mean for me to Whitelist My YouTube channel? How does that affect RouteNote YouTube service?
    Whitelist means to “exclude.” If you do not want RouteNote to collect revenue for your sound recordings on your channel, you can set your Channel Preferences to whitelist (exclude) your YouTube channel.
  • What is the YouTube Content ID System and How Do I Add My Music for Free?
    YouTube Content ID is a service for RouteNote artists that tracks down and collects revenue for artists when their sound recordings are used on YouTube within any user generated video.

    To add your music to the YouTube Content ID system all you need to do is select the YouTube store when uploading your music.

  • What are the Benefits of RouteNote YouTube Content ID Service?
    RouteNote YouTube Content ID service:

    Identifies and collects the money your sound recordings generate on YouTube from ads on your videos, on other people’s videos that use your music, and on your own YouTube channel.

    Collects sound recording revenue from your music on your own YouTube channel automatically, but you can “whitelist” (exclude) it.

    Deposits your revenue into your RouteNote Account, monthly.

    Monetizes (collects money on) specific tracks you’ve selected.

    Completely Free and gives artists 85% of collected revenue.

  • What's the difference between "eligible" sound recordings that I can monetize and "ineligible" sound recordings that I can not monetize on YouTube, through RouteNote YouTube Content ID service?
    Eligible: You can submit specific tracks to YouTube for revenue collection that:

    Use only your own material for which you have exclusive rights.

    Use third-party material for which you have exclusive rights.

    Ineligible: You can not submit tracks to YouTube for revenue collection that:

    Contain public domain clips or speeches

    Contain any audio library samples, sound effects, or production loops (such as GarageBand loops)

    Contain any third party content that you do not have exclusively licensed (such as samples you do not have exclusively licensed)

    Are karaoke versions or sound-a-like cover versions

    Are part of a compilation/various artists' albums

    (Violations of these guidelines may lead to permanent blocking of your account from RouteNote Content ID.)

  • What are the Types of Ads That Can Appear on My Videos?
    Display ads (i.e. banners)

    Overlay in-video ads

    TrueView in-stream ads

    Non-skippable in-stream ads

  • Can I Monetize My Music on YouTube By Myself?
    To collect the most money from the use of your music in other people's videos, you need access to YouTube's system, and access is typically restricted to large labels, publishers and distributors. The YouTube Content ID system is very complex and requires training and knowledge to navigate YouTube's system to collect revenue and manage rights effectively.
  • I added my YouTube channel to my RouteNote account yesterday, why is it not showing in my RouteNote account?
    This is down to processing, channels are linked to RouteNote accounts manually. Please allow up to 2 days for it to appear.
  • I received an email from RouteNote stating my channel has been invited. How do i accept the invite to join your network?
    When a channel is invited to our network an email is sent from YouTube themselves to the channels account holder. The email contains a link that you need to click in order to accept the invitation. You can also just log into your YouTube account and accept the invitation from your YouTube dashboard.
  • What is a YouTube dashboard?
    The dashboard is the main page for your channel where you can access stats and channel information. Access it by clicking your icon at the top right of the screen and then clicking “Creator Studio”.
  • I have accepted the invite and my channel is now part of your network, why can i not monetize my videos?
    Our channel is part of our “Managed Network” this means that we manage the monetization for you.
  • Some of my videos arent monetized but the rest are. Why is this?
    This is possibly due to a third party copyright claim on your video as you may be using unlicensed content or audio. Unfortunately when a claim is lodged, youtube removes the option to monetize the video until a resolution to the dispute has been reached.
  • I have been part of your network for some time now, recently i have noticed i am listed under a different RouteNote network and my earnings have disappeared. Why is this?
    We regularly audit our channels and on occasion may move your channel to another part of our network. When you are transferred from one of our networks to another unfortunately the earnings stats do not transfer with the account essentially meaning you will start with a brand new stats page. This doesn't mean that any earnings you previously had are lost, we will still receive the reports from youtube containing your previous earnings and you will be paid accordingly.
  • I've added my channel to your network, can I add my channel to the whitelist too?
    No. You can not whitelist your channel when it is part of our network.
  • My channel contains cover songs which are entirely produced by myself. On previous networks i have had the abillity to split the ad revenue percentage with the original composition owner. This enabled me to monetize my videos, something of which i can not
    Ad revenue splitting is not an option that is available to Premium networks. In order to monetize cover songs you would need to purchase the correct licenses. Once the correct licenses have been purchased YouTube will allow you to monetize your content.
  • Your channel is part of our managed network. You will need to create a ticket in your RouteNote account and request that your channel is unlinked. Please provide the channel name in your ticket.
  • Can I add any channel to your network?
    You need to be the channel owner or have permission to add the channel to our network as the user will need to accept the invite from their account.
  • When will I receive my earnings from youtube?
    YouTube reports are processed the same as every other store, 45 days after the end of each month.
  • RouteNote does not claim the copyright of any of our artists tracks. Content ID claims are made on the behalf of the original artist. All royalties earned from these videos will be sent back to the artist.
  • I want to put my tracks through content ID. But I don't want RouteNote to claim the royalties on my own personal channel or videos from channels that I have given permission to use the tracks. What can be done?
    You can put your tracks through content ID then whitelist your channel and any other channel that you have given permission to use your tracks.
  • How do Arts Tracks benefit me?
    Let’s say perhaps you don’t have an official video for your audio, the Arts Track will ensure your music is searchable in YouTube, giving a direct link to your music. Arts Tracks will eventually be fully optimised for searches and could give your music and extra promotional avenue. Arts Tracks will be used in YouTube Music Key when it rolls out worldwide.
  • Can I exclude either Content ID or Arts tracks from my YouTube selection?
    No, the way our system is designed our YouTube offering is all inclusive. For example, if you enter your audio into Content ID by selecting YouTube for distribution on your release, eventually an Arts Track will be created for the release. You can opt out of YouTube at any time. It could take up to 30 days to complete remove our claims and the auto generated Arts Tracks.
  • Why aren’t my audio matches being monetised using Content ID?
    Sometimes RouteNote will not be able to monetise your audio matches, this usually occurs when the ownership of the audio is under conflict. Should this happen we will work as quickly as possible to lock down the correct ownership with you, so everything can run as normal.
  • How do I cancel/opt-out of the YouTube programme with RouteNote?
    This is achieved in a couple of ways. Send us a ticket* with the UPCs of the releases you need removing. Contact our support team ( with the UPCs you need removing. It could take up to 30 days to completely remove our claims in Content ID and the auto generated Arts Tracks.
  • I have applied for my release(s) to be included in the YouTube programme, why are they not active in YouTube?
    We have to moderate YouTube inclusion separately from our normal moderation as there are extra rules that apply - see Rules for using YouTube Content ID below. Content that is not eligible will not be forwarded to Content ID and no Arts Tracks will be created.