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Adam Reis
Posted at Mon, 04/25/2016 - 12:56
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Making a Better Version of a Song That Is Already on iTunes....
Around late December I created my first release to be put on iTunes, through this website. Since then, I have expanded my skills with audio editing/mixing my own personal music. I ended up recreating some of my biggest hits from the CD itself to make it sound better, and think it's a million times better than the originals on iTunes/G Play/Spotify, etc.

In other words, I came out with a release titled, "No Hard Feelings". My biggest hit off of it is called, "I Don't Care". The thing of it is, though, is I feel that wasn't my best foot forward in terms of my singing, or my mixing. So I remade it completely, and it now sounds kick-butt. 

The problem?

I want it to be on iTunes, and other retailers I had sent it to though RN. Before anyone says, I know you can hit "edit details" on the discography section. My question is, though, say I do that? Then what happens? I take off "I Don't Care 1.0" and replace it with "I Don't Care 2.0". "No Hard Feelings" has been on iTunes since January. So will it go to iTunes or the other retailers, and delete that track off and replace it with the newer version?

Of course, I came up with an EP of those hits I recreated, titled, "We're Cool". But I don't want to put it on iTunes as another release if I can just easily re-upload those tracks.

I'm not too worried about it, but has anyone else wondered this or have had encountered this problem before?