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Posted at Mon, 06/06/2016 - 08:47
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The Best Times Its OK To Play For Free.

Its all about exposure, and believe it or not millennials, that does not necessarily mean spam yourself around the internet all day. Fans still really respond to actually being able to play live, and play well, being good in-front of a crowd is still the most important weapon you have. Grabbing gigs is hard when your small time, swallow some pride any play for free, but there is a fine line between playing for free and building on it,and just being everyone's go to guy for a favor.

DMN have weighed in with some thought and areas that could help. Playing for free should have considerations here are 9 reasons playing free can be ok...

  • It can be good exposure.
  • Your local bar/restaurant can't afford it.
  • It'll be a full house, no ticket sales.
  • It'll be fun, and good practice.
  • You can sell some stuff.
  • Put out a tip jar?
  • Charity events.
  • There cold be industry peeps in the crowd.

Posted at Thu, 06/09/2016 - 11:51
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read the replies in that post man

somebody musta told the bar owners association because theyve all come out to defend not paying bands

dont get me wrong there are reasons to do free gigs sometimes youre just being a chump

dont be a chump we all need to eat