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Posted at Sat, 03/18/2017 - 15:37
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Get A Professional Website
One of the key components of marketing your music is having a professional well thought out website. It should have links to all of your social media outlets and of course the places where fans (or potentail fans) can purchase your music, tickets and metch. If your performing gigs, you definitely want to have the info up as well. I'd recommend also having a subscription service to a blog as a way to add to or star an email list.

In regards to your blog (or vlog), it really doesn't matter what you post as long as it highlights your unique personality (or your bands personality,  whatever the case may be).

I figure since I'm posting about this, I might as well do a shameless plug. I have a degree in internet applications and website development. I thought I would offer a special promotion to my fellow RouteNote members. My girlfriend is probably gonna kill me for this, but I love music and I want to do something musical while I wait for my tracks to be distributed. So...if anybody is interested, I'd be happy to set some of you up with a completely unique site for $30 (Canadian). It would have everything I mentioned along with your personal input. I usually make  $449 to $899 Canadian for my custom sites, but this could be fun, so...if anyone likes the idea, let me know. You would have to get hosting and a domain name (I'd throw that in too but dont offer that service). Feel free to check out I have a few sites on there. 

Not trying to spam, just looking for something to do and if I don't charge anything my love life will go down hill really fast. It would quickly become non existent.:(
Posted at Sun, 03/19/2017 - 13:52
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I like many musicians, from superstars to small hobbists. I never found them via websites, and even more: I don't know (and I don't care) if they have websites. It's 2017 - websites does not work, they exist for nothing. People spend their web-time on social medias (in fact: facebook).