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Posted at Fri, 10/30/2015 - 00:01
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How do I promote myself on the internet?

I guess I'll start the thread to help people out.

First of all, I'd love it if people contributed to this thread. The more in-depth, the better!

Here's a few steps I know of to get noticed. I'll add more over time.

Get others to promote your music
This method is a relatively simple way to get noticed.
There are promoters EVERYWHERE. Youtube is a great place to start for this.
Search around the net for Youtube promoters and on their channels in the 'about' section they should list their business email for submissions.
Create an informative email template to send to each promoter you find and gauge each copy towards the recipients channel. Include things such as your information (social media links, artist name, genre of music you are skilled with etc etc)
You will need to attach both the audio file in it's highest quality form, (Gmail uses Google Drive which can help with this), and a stream-able version of the same song. Streaming is important as promoters may go through many submissions each day and they may not wish to download a 150MB file just to see if they like it or not.
Be sure to compliment the recipient on their channel and inform them of why you think it would be a great opportunity to have your music featured on their channel.

One thing to remember is your music quality & popularity can affect how a promoter will make their decision.
You may get a lucky break and sign on with a channel like Monstercat for example (if you make electronic music), but it's generally a good idea to punch at your own weight as well as above it. Promoters with a smaller amount of subscribers would be happy to feature music as they're also trying gathering a larger following. It's a win-win for you and the promoter having your music featured. Find a good middle ground and start there. I don't recommend avoiding higher class promoters though, you never know in this game.

There are plenty of promoters around on more than just Youtube. You simply have to look around.

Always Polish & update your networks
Nothing says "I mean business" like a clean easy to use website and an active account on every single social media site you can think of.

Firstly you need to figure out the purpose of each of your accounts.
For example, I personally use Soundcloud to advertise teasers and free released songs. For Twitter I can make constant updates about what is happening in my personal life as an artist. 
Separate the purposes of your social media accounts and it will prompt active fans into following you everywhere.
Making connections with your fans is basically your second highest priority loosely behind working on the music itself.
Make everything easy to use, clean and get some hype going for your friends and family. People may see all of your online activity and think "this person is organised and produces quality content".

Your followers need to know when your latest song is coming out and they may not have Twitter or soundcloud, so how are they going to know? Announcements and important milestones should be placed anywhere possible so people can see what's going on.
As long as you are posting, people are looking, and that's good.


I was reluctant to post this one as I may get a bit of flak for it.
Collaborations are when you work side by side to another artist or artists. How does this help promotion?
You feature on their networking, they feature on yours
It is a good rule of thumb to work with other artists in a similar scope to you.
If you make Nintendocore you may want to work with someone who can play some Djent, (literally anyone with a guitar).
If you produce Black metal, why not work with a singer who gargles absinthe in the morning?

Buy your following

I was reluctant to add this. 

$$$ = Fame
≠ Cashflow

You can dump thousands of dollars into your music and get thousands more views but will you earn that money back?
Be smart with your money. A lot of people disagree with spending money on something you aren't already earning from.
And I can agree to that statement in many ways. 
If you plan it well, sure, put a few coins into advertisements and ads etc.
If it improves your appearance on the internet you're welcome to drop a few notes here and there.
If you want your music to sell itself as is, leave it. You need that money for coffee or beer.

Don't lose yourself in get-famous-quick schemes. They often don't work.
If you're signed to a label they may do advertising for you.
It depends on individual circumstances so if you're not willing to spend money, Don't.

Go into the streets
This isn't really internet related.
This doesn't always appeal to people and I can understand that.
But if you're an outgoing sort of person, getting out there and showing people your music can work.
It has worked before and it will still work today.
Those people can then after seeing you in person, check out your online presence later.
People can respect a person promoting their music in public.

Hard work pays off.

That's all I've got in the bank for today, I need to have a coffee.

Please feel free to add your opinions and ideas and if you disagree with some of my points feel free to comment on it!
I'm an open minded, constructive person and I'm sure if you're reading this, you are too!

(I bet you were expecting a selfish self-promotion link at the bottom of all of this. You were wrong.)

Posted at Tue, 03/22/2016 - 04:35
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I always try and share any new music I posted on soundcloud to other social media site. Usually, tumblr gets me the most attention. Following music blogs and reblogging some their content usually attracts them to my soundcloud profile. Common courtesy works best when you and other people share the same interests. 
del Tirón
Posted at Wed, 09/28/2016 - 11:36
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Some blogs do their own recopilations mixing songs from differents bands, so if you allow thems to use your music you can reach the followes. Sorry about my english! :P