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Posted at Fri, 02/03/2017 - 15:04
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Sending Music To Record Labels "Made Easy"

How do you submit demos to record labels to give you the best chance of getting signed on Write Rhythm?


You are now ready to add ‘Music Producer’ to your bio. You’ve been making music for a while and found your sound. You’ve finished a couple of hot tracks and are ready to send them to record labels. Now it’s time to get your music heard and signed. Here are 5 easy steps to sending the perfect demo tapes to record labels via Write Rhythm.


Step 1 – Choosing your Track/s

Select music you are 100% happy with. Get some close friends to give a listen to your tracks and keep the best ones. Focus on sending the tracks that you are most proud of. Record labels do not want to receive your entire catalogue if they have never heard of you. If the record labels really love your selection, they are likely to ask you for more songs. If requested, send over the other tracks you have lying around.


Step 2 – Preparing for Sending

Do not even consider sending short demos or teasers. Send the full length tracks preferably 320 kbps. If the A&R department cannot hear the quality of the track, they are unlikely to come back to you asking for a better version. Instead, they will just get annoyed that you wasted their time and will never respond. Upload your selected tracks to a private Soundcloud link to make it easy for the receiver to play. Ensure you disable the free download option.


Step 3 – The Demo Submission Message

It’s time to write the email, but what on earth do you write to a record label? Put some thought into writing your demo submission. Keep in mind that you are asking a company to do business with you, so be professional about what you are writing to them. Compose a sleek demo submission email using our simple online form. Create an attention-grabbing subject line. In the body of your email, explain who you are, what your music is about, and what you are searching for. Include your personal details, track descriptions, press shots, album art and of course — links to your music. A number of formatting templates are available for you to personalise your email campaign and express your style as an artist.

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