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Posted at Wed, 09/28/2016 - 13:06
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Snapchat Marketing 101 For Musicians [Clubs, Radio Stations And Record Stores]

While Snapchat is unarguably a valuable marketing resource, the nature of the platform is such that it can be hard to measure your success with much accuracy. That said, there are still steps bands and artists can take to ensure their Snapchat is getting the kind of fan attention it deserves.


Guest post by Scott Perry, the author of Snapchat 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on Snapchat

Congratulations! You are now on Snapchat. Now what? How do you connect with your friends & followers? How do you get them talking about you?

Snapchat is a closed platform, so you cannot link out.

Snapchat does not provide user counts, so after a certain point it is hard to measure how big your audience is.

BUT, there are actions you can take to build awareness for your your business or your band.

These items were put together with the help of Virginia Salas Kastilio (known on Snapchat as GiniCanBreathe), who runs Snapchat marketing firm BREATHE AGENCY; Kaleigh Wiese, founder of Austin-based special events design firm MELDEEN; and geofilter designer Dane Gonzalez, as well as my own experiences in the space:

LEVERAGE YOUR EXISTING PLATFORMS: email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, website -- post your Snapcode, username, and URL, users will know what to do. It is hard to find and be found, so make your Snapchat presence known on other platforms.
USE INFLUENCERS: one of the easiest ways to boost awareness is to hire an influencer to promote and / or take over your Snapchat account for the day. But guess, what? You're in the music biz, so influential users walk through your doors on a daily basis, so collaborate with others with larger followings to promote each other. 

Say, if you're going out on the road with another act, team up and promote the hell out of each other on your accounts:

Post pictures of each others' Snapcodes for users to easily add each other
Snap pics & videos from the shows

Pre-sell upcoming dates by adding link text to images (and in the prior Snap, tell fans to grab the next Snap so they don't forget)

If you're a club, radio station, or record store, encourage the act to post Snaps from your location, and get them to post your Snapcode so their followers can follow you as well.

Also, encourage influencers and followers to use your music in the background of their Snaps, since most users like to play music from their phone while they are shooting 10-second video Snaps. 

INTERACTION: make sure your settings allow for Friends to reply to your Snaps, and when you do, encourage them to reply to certain Snaps, and repost their Snaps! 
Ask them questions -- "Hey Cleveland, what song should we open with? What's your favorite song off the new album? How does our new single make you feel?" 

You will get a wide variety of responses, and you will be shocked by the creativity your followers put in their replies.
Even better, get involved in each tour city by hosting a scavenger hunt for tickets day of show!
GEOFILTERS are easily the best way to encourage fans to celebrate an event or a show. And believe it or not, running a geofilter for a few hours can cost you as little as $5 a day -- f'real!
Snapchat has self-design templates on their site, but it is best to hire a designer to build and submit a template, especially if you want to use multiple / dated geofilters  for all your shows on a tour (San Diego October 15! Los AngelesOctober 17! San Francisco October 18! PortlandOctober 19!).

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