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Diebreaker Faust
Posted at Mon, 10/24/2016 - 14:02
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Social Media Marketing For Musicians - How Do I Get More Fans On YouTube?

Social Media Marketing for Musicians: How to get More Fans on YouTubeThe first thing you need to do on YouTube is make sure your channel is set up and optimized to drive traffic and subscribers. Here are a few things to consider:

Set your channel type to musician: there are a handful of different types of channels you can utilize. Make sure you set your channel type to ‘musician’ so that you benefit from the features YouTube offers. This will help you promote your band even further, such as the ability to post Tour Dates to your channel.

Upload a photo/logo: this is part of developing a consistent brand image. Making sure you upload a photo or logo to your channel will help fans recognize you on YouTube, as well as recognizing you on other channels.

The look and feel of the of the image you choose to represent you across your channels can play a big part in the subconscious emotional connection your fans make to you and your music, so choose wisely.

Upload custom background image: an extension of the above. Make sure that you set a custom background image to further develop the look and feel of your brand image which will help fans to create a visual association with you and your music.

Add links: You can include links both on your channel and in the description of your individual videos. Make sure your channel has links to your website, other social accounts, and where fans can buy your music. On your individual channels, I would suggest including a link to your website as well any direct links to purchase that individual song.

Add tags: Again, just like links, you can add tags to both your channel as well as your individual videos. Make sure the tags you use for your channel are specific to you – consider your location, genre, lyrical subject matter, etc.

Do not use tags such as ‘music’ as this is far too general to do you any good. The purpose of using a tag, similar to a hashtag on Twitter, is to help to aggregate your content into a specific topic so that people interested in that specific topic can more easily find your channel.

How to get more fans for your music on YouTube

Now that you have your channel set up, it’s time to start optimizing your individual content to make sure all of this effort helps to build your fan base:

Produce great videos

The obvious place to start is to make sure that above and beyond anything else, you need to actually produce great videos, otherwise all of the efforts to optimize search results will be a waste.

Here are some types of videos you’ll want to consider including in your channel, and always make sure video and audio quality are strong:

Official music videos: all of your official videos should be on your YouTube channel to make sure all of the possible views and fans are lead back to your own channel.

Lyrics videos: a great way to help fans to develop a stronger connection to your music.

Cover songs: very helpful in making you more accessible to new fans by showcasing music of other bands that influence you or inspire you.

Live videos: this one can be tricky as it can be very difficult to capture high quality footage and audio of live performances. But if you can nail this one down, it can be a great way to use YouTube to drive interest in your next tour.

Big announcements: your next album or tour announcement doesn’t need to be in the form of a letter. Use YouTube as a format for sharing important news; it’s more easily digestible, can be shared quicker, and can help you to generate real intrigue and demand around your news.

Interviews: yet another great way to develop a stronger connection to your fans. Give them the opportunity to get to know you a bit deeper through interview videos.

Create playlists: YouTube has a playlists feature that allows you to group together several videos. Using this feature can help you to keep fans around longer by giving them a suggestion for ‘what to watch next’. The longer fans stick around, the more likely they’ll be to develop an emotional connection, which is the first step towards establishing super fans (the fans most likely to pay to see you, buy your merch, your VIP offerings, etc.).

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