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Posted at Tue, 10/25/2016 - 15:24
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'Bring Me The Horizon' reveal hopes for ‘weirder, darker’ new album.

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon have opened up about what to potentially expect from their upcoming sixth album, revealing that it could be ‘dancier’ and ‘darker’ – namechecking Linkin Park and Massive Attack as influences.

The ‘Throne’ and ‘Drown’ stars are currently gearing up for a huge UK arena tour to mark the end of their campaign for ‘That’s The Spirit’, before they release ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall’ on CD, DVD and vinyl. The tour kicks off with a show at The O2 in London with Enter Shikari on Halloween.

Before they end the chapter on their fifth album, we caught up with frontman Oli Sykes to ask about progress on their next record.

“Sometimes we talk about it, but it’s ‘in the moment’ when you’re inspired by something and I don’t know,” Sykes told NME. “I think there’s an element of what we’re doing now that will stay in the music, but at the same time it’s like people thought ‘That’s The Spirit’ was a very polished pop rock album – it’s not. I think it’s inventive and unique, but it’s still safe in a way; we knew the songs we’re gonna connect well with people. Next time I think we wanna push it a bit weirder. Who knows?”

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When asked if their new material might take a more dance-oriented edge, Sykes replied: “Potentially yeah.

“That’s my favourite part – it’s something we do that comes across really well live you know when the song to us has a breakdown or like a heavy dance kind of vibe to it. You know there’s not many acts like that. If there was some bridge between what we’re doing, somewhere between artists like Prodigy or Massive Attack and stuff like that.”

He continued: “I don’t know especially if we’re thinking like festivals and stuff then I like that idea like a darker dance-y kind of sound, but I’m literally just I’m thinking out loud here ’cause we could go completely opposite to that you know.”

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