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Posted at Fri, 10/14/2016 - 04:28
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"Track Visuals"
Could somebody, kindly address in more detail how people should go about adding visuals to their tracks; who to write to, and if so, what a person should inform, to the recipient, within their email to "  soundcloud@routenote.com  ", about?

The time frame in which the visuals would become active on my Soundcloud, after I've emailed them my picture to the address, would be helpful to know as well.

The original information from your "Soundcloud User Guide" has been copied and pasted below; I've noticed a typo in it, as well. Just after the first word "To", should the word "add" be after it?

Thank you, very much.

Original Information
What do I need to do?

To these optional extras please contact soundcloud@routenote.com with links to your Track Visuals.

Remember, Track Visuals must be less than 200KB with exact dimensions of 1240 x 400px