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Posted at Thu, 06/02/2016 - 14:43
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Pro-Unlimited Upgrade Changes
Hey everyone!

I've noticed a lot of people asking this via all sorts of communication so please take a moment to read the following. There have been some changes to the Pro-Unlimited accounts... 

The SoundCloud features have changed. We now offer a SoundCloud 'Unlimited' tier. The features offered are largely the same, with unlimited uploads, monetization, track visuals, featured profiles and clickable banners. Please see our blog post for full details:
Unfortunately there are no display features distinguishing the Unlimited account at the moment (eg, the gold pro unlimited star.) However, SoundCloud are working on getting this implemented. If you're unsure on whether your account is Unlimited or not then please check your upload capacity.
To get your account updated you must first clear your track(s) for monetizing. Once you do this, SoundCloud will receive a report from us and monetize/upgrade your account shortly afterwards.
Please refer to point 2 of the guide below for help clearing tracks for monetizing -
Once this has happened you'll be eligible for tracks visuals, featured profiles and clickable links.
To submit a track visual, send over your SC track url and an image less than 200KB with exact dimensions of 1240 x 400 px. For featured profiles, just send over your own profile url and the urls of the profiles you wish to have featured.
For clickable links, send over your SC profile url and the link you'd like your header redirected to.